"FIG was just what we were looking for and we didn't know we needed it!"

Professional culinary expertise in the kitchen and at the door combined with engaged wait staff delivers an "everyday gourmet" experience to savor for years to come.  I recognized the ambition of the proprietors with the startling description of carrot soup garnished with parsley oil.  The golden silk was a delightful start to a wonderful journey.  The entree was as eloquent as the appetizer.  Veal demi-glace surrounded a bed of perfectly prepared french lentils topped with succulent onions and tender pork tenderloin.  The surprises tucked between the layers leaves more evidence of the training and creativity of the staff.   Salmon glazed with flavor-- and not just salt-- illustrates the commitment to flavor first in this ready for New York bistro.  I missed having a simple fresh vegetable to compliment the entrees but that was available--a la carte, however.

Our watress was a bit clumsy at the table (every dish and utensil deserves a cradled delivery) but made up for the  bumps with knowledge of the preparations and ingredients.

We rarely have dessert but the discoveries of the first two courses beckoned for attention through the last course.  Suthn' style bread pudding with interactive dollops of sweetness and the pot du creme with the complementary wafer left us wondering how so much talent was not first featured in the New York Times.  Serendipity served us well--FIG was just what we were looking for and we didn't know we needed it!